Given the vulnerability of the Iberoamerican region, climate change adaptation has been a priority issue for the Iberoamerican Network of Climate Change Offices (Red Iberoamericana de Oficinas de Cambio Climático, RIOCC) since its beginnings. Iberoamerican countries have developed pioneering adaptation initiatives, and the RIOCC has promoted regional actions which demonstrate the drive and the leadership of the region in adaptation. In successive RIOCC meetings it has been repeatedly identified the necessity of achieving a greater presence of Iberoamerican references and authors in the international reports, in order to make visible the regional experiences in the field of adaptation.

The aim of the RIOCCADAPT project is to identify, review and assess adaptation actions that are being implemented in response to climate change throughout the countries included in the RIOCC countries. Both planned and autonomous adaptation actions will be analysed for a total of 16 systems and sectors, including among them the different natural resources and systems, several climatic hazards and other key sectors.

The project intends to make visible the experience and practice of RIOCC countries in terms of adaptation measures to respond to climate change impacts. The final result may be a report that might serve as a resource for regional decision makers and/or other national and international agents, and to provide to the general public information about how climate change adaptation needs are being faced by Iberoamerican countries.

The RIOCCADAPT report will be drafted by authors from the academia or management areas. Each chapter will be coordinated by a lead author – who in general will have experience in drafting assessment reports, i.e., will have participated in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – that will be assisted by several contributing authors. The authors will come from both the natural and social sciences, and will have experience in the field of climate change adaptation. Authors will be selected based on their scientific excellence, while ensuring appropriate regional gender balance.

RIOCCADAPT is being funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) through ARAUCLIMA (a regional program for Latin America and Caribe about climate change and environment). It also benefits from the cooperation of the Climate Change Spanish Office (OECC) and the RIOCC countries through their corresponding focal points. The publication of the RIOCCADAPT report (both in Spanish and English) is scheduled for the end of 2019.

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